If yours is a family business producing goods and services in the United States, please tell your story here– email us the story, a photo of you, your family or your business, and a weblink. We’ll do our best to get you some well-deserved attention and respect.

RUNE,  is the product of my love of design and insight into the fashion world. RUNE features a line of fashion leggings that would satisfy even the most discerning customer. Made from a special fiber called Supplex that contains a 4-way stretch and thickness and is known for its ability to hold its shape and color over time, RUNE leggings fill a niche in the market place for wearable, slimming, fashionable leggings that do not break the bank. We are 100% designed, and made in the heart of the Fashion district in New York city. Having been in this industry over a decade I have seen countless factories, pattern rooms, cutting rooms and small designers go out of business. I was amongst these designers when I first started a small sustainable women’s wear line back in 2007. RUNE launched in late 2012 and since opening our doors we are carried in over 100 retailers Worldwide. We are growing fast and everyday I feel the pressure to not only keep my team in a job but to keep my factories doors open. We are located in the Fashion district and it is extremely important to me that we bring back garment manufacturing to the once thriving Fashion district of New York city. – Emily Santamore, Creative Director

Investigators, Inc. was founded in 1955 by Ed Du Bois, a full-service investigation agency. Du Bois,Jr.used his experience as an Attorney, FBI Agent and Judge to form the foundation of high professional standards that still characterize the firm today. Currently in it’s 57th year of operation, Ed Du Bois, III and his son Ed Du Bois, IV run Investigators, a high-tech, upscale investigation agency serving national and international clientele. Investigators, Inc. is the oldest licensed private investigative agency in the State of Florida. It may also be the oldest family-owned & operated private investigative agency in the US. (Currently undergoing the research to support this claim.)  – submitted by Christy Du Bois Falco

We’re very happy to put your logo on our website. We’ve run our family farm, growing crops and timber  in NC for 162 years.

Thanks much,  Randy Davis



After having our 1st son we had everything crib, playpen, stroller, etc. So when we had our 2nd son, all we needed were diapers. When we told our friends & family we wanted diapers they would tell us that diapers weren’t a gift (that they wanted to give). So we decided to find a way to make diaper giving a great gift. Hence, Stinky Cakes™ was born. Suggested UMassFBC


Since developing its first product, Welch Allyn has become a world leader in developing rugged, reliable, innovative products and solutions. Now led by a 4th generation of family members who continue the commitment of prior generations to solid, steady, long-term growth, the Allyn family has put privately-held Welch Allyn in a position that does not focus on quarterly reports and the stock price of the day, but rather long-term success, innovation, and the technologies that will advance frontline care into tomorrow. (submitted by Donna Herlihy of NY Family Business Center)

Sanderson MacLeod  specializes in twisted wire brushes. For more than 50 years, they have been the source of twisted wire brushes for some of the largest companies in the world.

Suggested by Ira Bryck, UMass Family Business Center

Sugarhill Containers are made in USA by Hillside Plastics, Turners Falls, Mass

Suggested by Ira Bryck of UMass Family Business Center



The quality of New Hope Mills products has made New Hope Mills Pancake Mixes the number one pancake flour in central New York.

Suggested by Donna Herlihy of NY Family Business Center.


 Why would anyone buy equipment made by Schneider, a company from a town no one’s heard of? Submitted by Donna Herlihy of the New York Family Business Center




Harden Furniture: A family-owned and operated furniture company started in 1844, Harden Furniture has a legacy of fine furniture making deeply rooted in American craftsmanship, quality and tradition. Submitted by Donna Herlihy of the New York Family Business Center




Rejeana Heinrich, director of the family business center at Saginaw Valley State University has a new business with her 2 sisters, that promotes products – and sells online- that are made in Michigan! 



story about Westmore Fuel Company, making biodiesel in the USA, submitted by Paul Sessions of University of New Haven Center for Family Business

thanks to Ted Knowles, of Northeastern University Center for Family Business, for contributing this story, about a Vermont company making sox for the Marines, in their family business (Cabot Hosiery Mills) in Northfield, VT 






This story of a Turkish man making Turkish yogurt in upstate NY was submitted by Donna Herlihy of the New York Family Business Center 








 Bayhead Products has been manufacturing material handling products in Dover, NHsince the turn of the last century.    We have approximately 30 employees manufacturing a variety of products used in industrial and institutional applications.  Our products are sold throughout North America through an extensive dealer & catalog network. Our Tilt Trucks, Poly-Trucks, Self-Dumping Hoppers, Boxes and Pallet Containers are very popular in a wide variety of industries   Suggested by Barbara Draper, director of the Center for Family Business at the University of New Hampshire.


Wiffle Balls still made in USA, by a family business!